Servant in training program

What is a SIT?

A SIT is a 15-18 year old who wants to serve God by serving others! SITs must have a love for camp, willingness to grow in leadership abilities, and a desire to work with kids. SITs gain knowledge about what it takes to be a part of the Kinasao staff team, and the program is highly recommended for those who want to be on staff someday! 

What does a SIT do?

SITs are asked to commit a minimum of two weeks (not necessarily consecutive), learning what it means to be a part of the Kinasao staff team, developing their leadership, all while serving God and our campers.  All SITs will be paired with a counsellor and cabin group for the week.  Kinasao needs SITs to help out in the areas of program, maintenance, housekeeping and kitchen - all necessary jobs when it comes to making camp run smoothly! 

Program staff: focused on the camp program, including planning and leading camp activities and supporting campers. 

Support staff: responsible for all the behind-the-scenes tasks that keep camp running.

  • Maintenance: keep camp looking and working great! Mow lawns, help fix things around camp, and much more. 
  • Housekeeping: keep camp clean and welcoming! Work with our housekeeper to clean the camp, do camp laundry, and much more.
  • Kitchen: keep everyone well-fed and happy! Work with the kitchen staff to prepare delicious food and keep the kitchen clean.

Do SITs receive any training?

We have a SIT training afternoon on June 9 in Saskatoon to help prepare SITs for the summer ahead.  Anyone interested in becoming a SIT is encouraged to also participate in our Youth Leadership Training camp during the summer. If you're a SIT for at least two weeks, you can attend YLT for 50% off! 

How do I apply?

IF YOU HAVE BEEN A KINASAO CAMPER - use the SAME login information you would use to access your camper account (ask your parents if you're not sure what it is!). PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT UNLESS YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO KINASAO. 

If you have been a SIT in the past 2 years, select the "Returning SIT Application"

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