Plentiful Harvest is a program for farmers to donate bushels of wheat, canola, or other commodities directly to Kinasao from their local elevator.  

Farmers and the Kinasao Ministry have many things in common.  While farmers prepare the fields, Kinasao prepares hearts to receive deeper understanding of God's Word.  When seeds are planted, either in the ground to grow or in hearts through our activities at camp, the results aren't instantaneous but the yields are often spectacular.

The harvest of your crops can help the harvest of faith and leadership skills that we nurture here at Kinasao.  We encourage you to consider donating bushels of wheat, canola, or other commodities directly to Kinasao.  The camp will issue a charitable donation receipt for all donations made, and you will receive a great benefit by helping the Kinasao family continue to share the gospel and develop future generations of leaders with strong foundations in Christ.

For more information on how to be involved in the Plentiful Harvest program, please contact Kristi at or 306-941-8372. The Kinasao Plentiful Harvest program is currently partnered with Richardson-Pioneer, Parrish & Heimbecker, Louis Dreyfus and Cargill