kinasao renewal project

Following in the footsteps of the founders who purchased the land 80 years ago, and the visionaries who built the Kinasao Centre and hired the first full time executive director to establish a year-round program, we are starting to write the third volume in the ever expanding story of Kinasao, a place set apart. The beating heart of the camp - the Kinasao Centre - is the focus of this renewal project. 

PHASE 1: This phase will address necessary upgrades and renovations to the Kinasao Centre, including a major kitchen renovations, new roof lines, a lift for improved accessibility, and increased indoor programming space and staff accommodations.  This project began Sept 2022 and was completed April 2023. We look forward to welcoming everyone into the new space this spring and summer! A video tour highlighting the Phase 1 upgrades is available below. 

PHASE 2: This phase will increase our rental capacity with the addition of a new hostel style building, with an adjoining corridor to the Retreat Centre. 

Preliminary plans and rationale for the project are available here

Phase 1 Video Tour

Can't wait to until your next trip to Kinasao to see what's been happening? Check out this video tour highlighting the upgrades in the Phase 1 stage of the Renewal Project! 


kinasao needs you

We are among the countless people who have been blessed by the ministry of Kinasao over the past eight decades. We stand together on the shoulders of those who responded to the prompting of God to establish a place where children of all ages could gather to experience God’s grace in a place set apart. We are thankful to all those who went before us who established the camp, built it up over many years, and sustained it until now with God’s help and guidance.

Now is the time to take the next step in renewing our facilities so that our programming and hospitality is not held back.  

We need the members of the community who have experienced the blessings of the sacrifices from previous generations to come together to fund this renewal project. 

the ask

We are looking for 100 (or more) Kinasao families to pledge their support

to make this project happen.

If 100 families give 40% of the tithe (or 4% of their annual income) we would fund Phase 1 in just

2 years (based on average family incomes). That breaks down to $300/family/month.   

For some families this pledge could be more, and for others, it will be less. 

Each and every dollar matters and can be used! 

We have been blessed to be a blessing! Thank you for considering your role in this project. 

the pledge

Ready to support the Renewal Project? 

Submit this pledge form to  

We would like to process donations through Pre-Authorized Remittance direct from your account.  This saves processing fees and administrative time.  Please fill out this form to set up PAR. 

Take a look below at the progress of the renovation project so far!!